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Country & Folk Reviews

Country & Folk Drum Library
Prosonic's Country & Folk Drum Library is filled with only the highest quality patterns. Every file has been carefully crafted for professional use.
"5 out of 5" based on 7 Customer Reviews
I use them in EZ Drummer & Beat Buddy. Very pleased.
By Tim C. on Friday, November 2, 2018 | Verified Purchase
Tim C.
United States

I purchased three midi libraries from Prosonic Studios. I have used Blues & Rock and Roll, Country & Folk, and Pop & Soft Rock. All of these libraries have a lot of content and the price is great!

I have used them in both EZ Drummer and live with my Beat Buddy drum pedal (after some editing because the Beat Buddy has a more limited midi map than these great midi samples) and I am impressed with the results.

There are so many great grooves to inspire your creativity, and there are a lot of small variations to give your songs some life! Another thing I appreciate is that these grooves are song oriented, not over done with too much going on like so many loops I have found in the past.

Try Prosonic for yourself, they have a lot of free midi patterns that you can try out before buying. I have been very pleased with my purchase.

Crucial to developing my music production workflow
By Brock H. on Tuesday, September 11, 2018 | Verified Purchase
Brock H.
United States

I started using the Prosonic Studios libraries a few years ago. I own almost all of the Prosonic Libraries. They have been crucial to developing my personal music production workflow. I am able to save time and money by auditioning the different patterns and voicing variations provided in each set, rather than solely creating just a few of the files on my own from scratch. They have helped me be more creative in expanding my sequencing and composition abilities within Ableton and the other Digital Audio Workstations that I experiment with. I recommend at least trying out one of the Time Signature and Genre sets to see the benefits of purchasing these for yourself!

Sped up my workflow and saved me valuable time
By Malcolm M. on Thursday, March 1, 2018 | Verified Purchase
Malcolm M.

I am a self taught acoustic guitar player creating my own versions of cover songs. I originally was a drummer in a country family band for 20 yrs. Now my wife and I entertain as a duo using my created backups. I have only recently Started using premade patterns.

After receiving my downloaded patterns and getting a system going that works for me, I have successfully used blends of the different patterns to create backups for the music I do. Using the premade patterns has sped up my workflow and saved me valuable time. Malcolm McConnell Malcolm McConnell

This is one of my go-to libraries.
By Travis J. on Thursday, February 15, 2018 | Verified Purchase
Travis J.
United States

I use a lot of MIDI drums so these are a great time saver....just find a compatible beat and throw it on the track and the song is off and running. Then I go back later and add fills, intro, bridge parts, fit the song.

And with MIDI files, nothing is can change tempos and keys and structure before ever locking down the track.

They are easy to use, easy to edit....for a songwriter like me they are an indispensable tool of the trade. I have a variety of styles for any occasion and this is one of my go-to libraries.

These files give me the freedom to create
By Charles B. on Thursday, June 8, 2017 | Verified Purchase
Charles B.
United States

I have used ready-made midi drum libraries from Prosonic for backing tracks and recordings and have never been disappointed with the results. I can tailor the midi files for any of my sample libraries and because they are midi, I can customize them to suit any project. It takes a lot of tedium out of my workflow, drastically cutting down production time, (and money).

Not being a drummer, these files give me the freedom to create musical projects that would have been impossible for me before now.

Many thanks! Charlie Balogh

As a songwriter they do just what I need them to.
By Jonathan S. on Wednesday, March 8, 2017 | Verified Purchase
Jonathan S.
United States

The midi selections are great!

As a songwriter they do just what I need them to do and perform outstandingly across a myriad of platforms.

These are great files! I am sorry I waited so long to find them but happy I have them!

I have used them to create patterns, intro, chorus, verses, and everything else in between.

Trust me you will not be disappointed.

The creative inspiration alone made the purchase worth it.
By Brock M. on Monday, February 13, 2017 | Verified Purchase
Brock M.
United States

Heres the thing i loved about the bundle of drum patterns i purchased. They helped me compose things i didnt know i had in me. The creative inspiration alone made the purchase worth it and then some!

Expirimenting with time signatures unfamiliar to me has helped me grow as a musician, and these bundles have so many feels to choose from.

Im glad i acted on the impulse. I got so much more pleasure messing with my DAW because of my purchase. I recommend these bundles to anybody needing help getting out of a creative rut.

"I use Prosonic drum beats every time I practice. I even used a few on my album Intergalactic Highway."
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