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Prosonic Articles

How Odd Time Signatures Can Make Your Music Sound Fresh & Modern

Imagine your music taking on a new life, a different vibe that sets it apart. Picture your compositions captivating the audience with their uniqueness, making people sit up and take notice.

How To Get RICH In The “AI Gold Rush” As A Musician

The AI gold rush is upon us and it's not just techies and investors cashing in. Musicians have a unique opportunity to strike it rich in this new frontier of technology.

Your Low-Cost Studio Musician

With traditional studio musicians, you have to schedule sessions, book studio time, and coordinate schedules. Allow me, your low-cost studio musician, to infuse your tracks with fresh, innovative ideas.

Music Patterns installed into your head?

Getting music-patterns in your head fast, without trial-and-error, without music-theory, and without stealing from other artists.

How to Avoid Losing Your Inspiration as a Musician

Professionals create inspiration with techniques and tools that amateurs don't understand. Learn the 'tricks of the trade' that spark inspiration in this article.

“Would You Critique My Music?”

Learn the reason why you're being 'held back' from musical success and why it's so important to build your 'promotional skill-set' in this article.
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