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Free Music Templates for Download

Looking for music templates? Here are a few music templates to download free:

Free Music Templates - Song Structures
Intro Verse Chorus Interlude Verse Chorus Bridge Solo Coda
Intro [Bridge Verse Chorus]² Bridge Interlude Solo Verse Intro Verse Chorus Coda
[Chorus Verse PreChorus]² Chorus Bridge Verse Bridge Solo Chorus²
Intro [MainTheme Verse MainTheme Chorus]² Interlude Solo² Verse MainTheme Chorus
Intro MainTheme SecondaryTheme MainTheme Solo³ MainTheme SecondaryTheme MainTheme
PreChorus [Verse PreChorus Chorus]² Bridge Chorus
[MainTheme SecondaryTheme]² Bridge Coda
Intro Interlude Verse Bridge Chorus Interlude Verse Chorus Bridge Chorus
Intro [Chorus Verse]² PreChorus Chorus Verse Chorus PreChorus²
Intro [Verse Chorus]² Bridge Solo² Verse Chorus Coda
Intro [Verse PreChorus Chorus Bridge]² Verse PreChorus Chorus³ Coda
Intro [Instrumental Verse Chorus]² PreChorus Chorus Interlude Bridge Instrumental Verse Chorus Bridge Chorus² Coda
Solo [PreVerse Verse PreChorus]² PreVerse PreChorus Solo Interlude Solo
[Chorus Verse PreChorus]² Verse PreChorus Chorus Coda
Intro Instrumental PreVerse Verse Bridge Chorus² Solo Chorus
Chorus² [Transition Verse Chorus]² Bridge Chorus Transition Verse Chorus Transition Verse Chorus Transition Coda²
Intro Verse Transition Verse Interlude Verse Coda
Intro MainTheme PreVerse Verse PreChorus Chorus Interlude Solo² MainTheme Verse Bridge PreChorus Chorus Interlude Solo² Release Solo Interlude Verse Bridge PreChorus Chorus

*** See LIBRARY INFORMATION below to understand these Music Templates ***

This is the largest song template library in the world. And they're all as good, or better than, the templates above!

Prosonic Patterns

Song Structure Templates

Prosonic's Song Structure Templates Library is packed with thousands of professional music templates, for hundreds of styles, and they're all royalty free!

This library is full of musical templates that'll give you years of instant-inspiration and help you breakthrough 'writers-block' forever - free music templates.

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More Information

Welcome to the Ultimate Music Templates Library!

Your complete resource for professional song structures and formats.

This comprehensive library is brimming with thousands of meticulously crafted music templates. Each template is as a creative launchpad, making songwriting an effortless and inspiring process. The ‘next part’ of your song will naturally unfold, guiding you seamlessly through the composition process.

For musicians, these patterns are an invaluable learning tool. As a composer myself, I’ve found these templates have significantly enhanced my song writing skills.

With over 3,100 unique song templates spanning more than 300 music styles, this library is a treasure trove of inspiration. Get yourself a lifetime of fresh ideas and musical exploration!


1. Genres (Music Styles):

Over 300 musical styles are included. Each style has its own section in the library. The templates are listed under the style they can be used in. Of course, this is just a general guideline, because really, any structure can be used with any style, it's your creative choice!

2. Sections:

Each section is separated by a space. Possible sections include: Intro, PreVerse, Verse, PreChorus, Chorus, Refrain, Bridge, Transition, Interlude, Release, Instrumental, Solo, MainTheme, SecondaryTheme, Modulation, Coda, etc.

3. Section Repeats:

Sections with square brackets around them are repeated. A superscript number indicates the number of times it should repeat. For example, "[Verse Refrain Solo]2" means you should play the Verse, Refrain, and Solo, as a group, twice.

4. All Genres:

The last section in the book is titled, "ALL GENRES". Templates that can be used in any genre are listed here.

Some of the genres have only a few templates, but remember: any template can be used for any genre. It's really up to you!

For example, you could use a "Funk" template for a "Rock" song, or a "Rock" template for a "Pop" song.

The possibilities are endless...

Music Templates FAQ

What is a Music Template?

A Music Template, also known as a Song Structure or Format, is a predefined pattern or blueprint used in songwriting. It outlines the arrangement of different sections of a song, such as the intro, verse, chorus, bridge, and coda. These templates serve as a guide, helping songwriters structure their compositions in a way that is familiar and pleasing to the listener. They can vary greatly depending on the genre and style of music, offering endless possibilities for creativity and innovation in music composition.

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