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Free Jazz & Big Band Drum Beats for Download

Looking for drum loops? Here are a few drum patterns to download for free:

Instrument Feel Meter MIDI Download Demo
FullKitDbl-Time Med.Swing4-4Free Drum Loop
FullKitDbl-Time Med.Swing4-4Free Drum Loop
FullKitDbl-Time Med.Swing4-4Free Drum Loop
FullKitMedium Swing4-4Free Drum Loop
FullKitMedium Swing4-4Free Drum Loop
FullKitMedium Swing4-4Free Drum Loop
FullKitStraight4-4Free Drum Loop
FullKitStraight4-4Free Drum Loop
FullKitStraight6-8Free Drum Loop
FullKitStraight12-8Free Drum Loop
FullKitStraight9-8Free Drum Loop
BongosStraight12-8Free Drum Loop----
CongasStraight12-8Free Drum Loop----
CabasaStraight2-4Free Drum Loop----
RidesMedium Swing3-4Free Drum Loop----
SnaresMedium Swing3-4Free Drum Loop----
CowbellStraight3-4Free Drum Loop----
HiHatsStraight3-4Free Drum Loop----
KicksStraight3-4Free Drum Loop----
ShakerStraight3-4Free Drum Loop----
TomsStraight4-4Free Drum Loop----
TrianglesStraight4-4Free Drum Loop----
TambourineStraight9-8Free Drum Loop----

The demos above are short examples of what you can do with Prosonic Patterns. Each demo starts with the pattern, then builds up to show how it could be used. The recorded sounds and some of the patterns used in the build-up may not be included in this midi library.

There are over 51,900 Jazz and Big Band drum loops in this library and they all sound as good as, or better than, the demos.

Jazz & Big Band

Midi Drum Library

Prosonic's Jazz & Big Band Drum Library is packed with thousands of professional midi drum beats in common time and they're all royalty free! Go to free downloads.

4-bar loops in this library:

41,140 Full Kit Loops
1,024Kick Loops84Clap Loops
950Tom Loops1,007HiHat Loops
1,098Snare Loops613Side-Stick
143Bongo Loops559Conga Loops
234Cabasa Loops396Maraca Loops
61Clave Loops46Cuica Loops
221Shaker Loops1,113Ride Loops
285Tambourine415Cowbell Loops
182Triangle Loops29Timbale Loops
20Agogo Loops  
"It's like having a secret-stash of inspiration and new ideas that'll make your music amazing - fast."
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If you aren't 100% satisfied with your order contact me within 90 days of your purchase and I'll give you a full refund.

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All future versions are FREE for LIFE!

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More Information


This isn't like one of those old "drum pattern" books made of paper. It's a full-blown midi library that's over-flowing with thousands of professional Jazz & Big Band drum beats and rhythm patterns!

You'd have to purchase thousands of drum books to even come close to the content in this library, and since they're all midi, you can hear the rhythm instantly with any MIDI instrument you have. No paper book could ever do that!

This collection is like having a WHOLE LIBRARY of drum books, and you can use the beats in your own music royalty-free!

These Jazz Drum Beats have been inspired by greats like: Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, Miles Davis, Charlie Parker, John Coltrane, Dizzy Gillespie, Billie Holiday, and Thelonious Monk and the Big-Band Drum Beats have been inspired by greats like: Glenn Miller, Gene Krupa, Benny Goodman, Frank Sinatra, Dizzy Gillespie, and many others.

Each beat is carefully crafted-to-groove, so there isn't a bunch of "flash" in there (like so many other libraries where the drummer's just showing-off). The beats in this library are solid and professional, with just enough fill to make them interesting, so you can actually build songs that work.

I've experienced instant-inspiration and song writing has never been easier. Each rhythm is like a "creative launch-pad" for your ideas and the 'next part' in the song just leaps out at you! I get so many ideas that the challenge now is getting them all recorded fast enough!

If you perform an instrument these patterns are an invaluable tool for learning rhythm. I play a lot of different instruments and these have instantly made me a better player.

There are over 51,900 four-bar Jazz & Big Band rhythms in this library [and they all sound as good as the demos] so be ready to take your music to the next level!

File Info & Folder Layout

1. ROOT:

Drum Loop Root

The first folder is the ROOT folder. This folder contains all of the MIDI Phrases. It is named "Prosonic Phrases 3.0" and is selected (highlighted blue).


Drum Loop Style

The ROOT folder contains the STYLE folders. The Blues & Rock-n-Roll folder is selected.


Drum Loop Time Signature Feel

Each STYLE folder contains the TIME SIGNATURE & FEEL folders. In the Common Time Signatures library there are 6 time signatures: 2/4, 3/4, 4/4, 6/8, 9/8, and 12/8. In the Complex Time Signatures library there are 7 time signatures: 5/4, 6/4, 7/4, 5/8, 7/8, 10/8, and 11/8. There are 6 possible feelings: [Normal Straight], [Normal Medium-Swing], [Normal Hard-Swing], [Double-Time Medium-Swing], [Double-Time Hard-Swing].


Drum Pattern Theme

Inside the TIME SIGNATURE & FEEL folders are the THEME folders. The MIDI Phrases are grouped into "themes". Each THEME has a particular groove to it and there are lots of variations within each THEME.


Drum Pattern Syncopation

Inside the THEME folders are the SYNCOPATION folder and the midi files. The SYNCOPATION folder contains all the theme phrases in a heavily syncopated format. The syncopation folder is only in 4/4 and if you're looking for something a little different check here. [I personally find this folder to be the most interesting... it's amazing how many lyrical sequences can come out of asymmetrical patterns.]


Drum Pattern Midi Files

Inside each THEME folder are the actual midi files. The first number in the file name is the variation group. In this case there are 8 variations in variation group zero "0". The second number is the number of notes in the file. So the selected file has 46 notes in it. Next come the names of the instruments contained inside the pattern. So the selected pattern has KICKS and HI-HATS playing in it. The last number is just a unique index and has no significance.


Drum Pattern Midi Files Cont

As you go down the list the patterns continue to "build up". There are more instruments added (and therefore more notes) so the textures get thicker. I've scrolled down a little here, notice the file I have selected, it has 99 notes played by 8 instruments: Kick, Ride, Toms, Snare, Hand Claps, Congas, Side-Stick, and Bongos.


Drum Instruments

Inside the ROOT folder is the Singles folder. (It has a "z_" in front to make it go to the bottom of the list.) The Singles older contains all the single instrument patterns. Notice, in this example I've selected the 6th Hi-Hats file. The first number in the file is the note count. The last number is a unique index.


Drum Instruments File Name

Here are the abbreviations for each instrument. They're simple, but I'm putting them here in case you're interested.

Sticks=STIX | Kicks=KICK | Clap=CLAP
Toms=TOM | HiHats=HAT | Snares=SNAR
SideStick=SSTK | Bongos=BONG | Congas=CONG
Cabasa=CABA | Maracas=MARA | Guiro=GIRO
Claves=CLAV | Cuica=CICA | Castanets=CAST
Shaker=SHAK | Rides=RIDE | Cymbals=CYMB
Tambourine=TAMB | Cowbell=COWB | Triangles=TRIA
WoodBlocks=WOOD | Timbale=TIMB | Agogo=AGOG

Midi Drum Patterns FAQ

Is the download version different than the shipped version?

No, they are exactly the same. The download version contains exactly the same files as the DVD except you can start using them now!

What is a Midi File?

The word "MIDI" is used to describe a few different things. A "MIDI file" can be thought of as "Sheet Music in Digital". (Sheet music that computers can read and play.)

Why use Prosonic Patterns instead of audio loops?

Midi is a superior method of music composition for a number of reasons.

If you've ever used audio loops to write music you know how frustrating it can be to get them to fit just right in your song. You might find a great drum loop but how can you develop it while keeping the same drum sounds? You can only make variations on the timbre of the sound itself and that's it.

With Prosonic Patterns you have total control over every aspect of each note. Need to bring the hi-hats up in the mix? Easy! Need to change that note and make it sweeter? Just move it where you want it! Don't like a note . . . delete it!

You can also use a Prosonic Pattern on any instrument. So you can use a drum Phrase on any instrument (flute or violin for example) and come up with very unique and creative musical ideas!

You can even change the tempo of a Prosonic Pattern and the sound of the drums will be exactly as you sampled it.

What software can I use Prosonic Patterns in?

Every Prosonic Pattern is mapped to the General MIDI Standard and is compatible with, and can be loaded into, any General MIDI compatible software or hardware device (ie: your favorite sequencer).

Loading them into Propellerhead's Reason™ and Twelve Tone's Sonar™ has been especially rewarding. They are perfect for Cakewalk, Project5, Battery 3, Cubase, Garageband, Pro Tools, Motif ES, Fruity Loops, EZdrummer, DFH, Sony's ACID® Pro, Ableton Live, and many more!

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