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7/6 Chord on Guitar - P4 Tuning

4-Voices on Fretboard in P4 Tuning:

Image of 7/6 Chord on the Guitar in P4 tuning.


There are over 70 voicings for the 7/6 chord on guitar and the image above shows only 3 of them. For more voicings see: Fretboard Chord Charts for Guitar in P4 tuning

The 7/6 chord contains a major third, perfect fifth, major sixth, and a minor seventh.

The intervallic relationships it contains are: major third, perfect fifth, major sixth, minor seventh, minor third, perfect fourth, diminished fifth, major second, minor third, minor second.


  • Root
  • Major Third
  • Perfect Fifth
  • Major Sixth
  • Minor Seventh


The 7/6 chord has a dissonance rating of 125*

*Dissonance is very subjective. So, as a general guideline, this number is mathematically derived by measuring the intervallic dissonance this chord contains. (The higher the number the more dissonant the chord.)

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