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13#9 Chord on Guitar - P4 Tuning

4-Voices on Fretboard in P4 Tuning:

Image of 13#9 Chord on the Guitar in P4 tuning.


There are over 98 voicings for the 13#9 chord on guitar and the image above shows only 3 of them. For more voicings see: Fretboard Chord Charts for Guitar in P4 tuning

The 13#9 chord contains a major third, perfect fifth, minor seventh, augmented ninth, perfect eleventh, and a major thirteenth.

The intervallic relationships it contains are: major third, perfect fifth, minor seventh, minor tenth, perfect eleventh, major thirteenth, minor third, diminished fifth, major seventh, minor ninth, perfect eleventh, minor third, minor sixth, minor seventh, major ninth, perfect fourth, perfect fifth, major seventh, major second, diminished fifth, major third.


  • Root
  • Major Third
  • Perfect Fifth
  • Minor Seventh
  • Augmented Ninth
  • Perfect Eleventh
  • Major Thirteenth


The 13#9 chord has a dissonance rating of 248*

*Dissonance is very subjective. So, as a general guideline, this number is mathematically derived by measuring the intervallic dissonance this chord contains. (The higher the number the more dissonant the chord.)

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