1990 Jackson Soloist Pro - SOLD!


This is the actual "Soloist Pro" model that was priced over $1600 in 1990! It has the neck thru body with the original active pick ups!

I used this guitar on the album Intergalactic Highway it has a great feel and kick-ass tone. There's some fret ware but the guitar plays great. (Surprisingly little ware for a guitar that is over 20 years old!) This model is in the beautiful Opalescent Pearl White finish with Black hardware!

[One action adjustement screw needed to be replaced and it was replaced with a chrome one (by a tech who didn't have black). I purchased a new set of black ones but I never got around to replacing it. The new set of black ones are included and you can see them in one of the photos. There are also some back-plate screws missing (I just never got around to replacing them... easy fix though.)]

The whammy bar, original owner's manual, case, the new bag of screws, and a set of picks are included.

This guitar is in excellent condition. (I keep extremely good care of my instruments.) - Kept in a clean, smoke & pet free, studio environment.

Here are the specs: http://audiozone.dk/index-filer/jackson-pro-professional.php

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