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Rap & Hip-Hop Competition

Can you write Rap or Hip-Hop music?

Rap & Hip-Hop Music

Enter this competition for a chance to win a Lifetime Master-License to all of my current and future products!

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“I need a lot of hi-quality demos for my libraries, and I would love to create them myself, but I just don't have time!”

“So I'm having a DEMO COMPETITION!”


This competition ended on 8/31/2019. Check out the Winners HERE.

The Rap & Hip-Hop competition is over, but don't worry, there'll be another Rap & Hip-Hop competition coming soon! If you want to be notified when, Sign Up for More Info. Until then, maybe you could enter the Current Competition going on right now?


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Grand Prize Winner Gets:

2nd & 3rd Place Winners Get:

  • Five Prosonic Libraries of your choice for free!
  • A link to your website on the entries page!
  • Accolades and Recognition: Get exposure to huge amount of viewers!

All Contestants Get:

* download version (digital products only)

How to Enter:

  • Choose one or more patterns from the Rap & Hip-Hop Midi Drum Library.
  • Create a 16-bar (or longer) Rap & Hip-Hop composition with them.
  • Upload an audio file of your composition. (more info)
  • Audio files must be uploaded by 8/31/2019.

Don't have Prosonic's Rap & Hip-Hop Midi Drum Library? That's okay, just use one of the demos on the library page located HERE.

IMPORTANT: Be sure to write down THE FULL DIRECTORY/FILENAME of each Prosonic Pattern you use - you won't be able to enter without them.

How it Works:

  • Each competition lasts for one month.
  • This competition starts 8/1/2019 and ends on 8/31/2019.
  • Contestants may submit their composition any time between those dates using the Entry Form. (more info)
  • Winners for this competition will be announced on 9/7/2019

Competition Rules:

  • Must be 18 years or older.
  • Only one entry per participant. (so upload your very best!)
  • Audio file must be a wav file with 16bit 44kHz resolution.
  • You must submit the full DIRECTORY/FILENAME of each Prosonic Pattern you use when you submit your entry, so BE SURE TO WRITE THEM DOWN before you start composing!
  • You must upload your track using the Official Entry Form on the website. Do not email Tony your track. If you can't find the Official Entry Form then you haven't signed up yet. Please fill out this form to get your personal link to it: Registration Form

Composition Rules:

You May:

  • Change the tempo.
  • Change the note velocities.
  • Add effects like reverb, delay, and compression.
  • Use any samples (sounds) you want, with the restrictions below, but the sounds must correspond to the instruments in the Mapping file located HERE.

You May Not:

  • Use someone else's music or loops. Your composition must be original.
  • Use samples or sounds that you do not have the legal right to use in this capacity.
  • Remove any notes from the original Midi Pattern(s).


  • Voting will begin on 9/1/2019
  • Tony Pappas will choose who the winners are. "These clips will be representing my life's work, so I'll have to choose which submissions best represent. But I'm fair and I'm balanced, so it's all good."

You're More Likely to Win if You:

  • Read this entire page! There's a lot of information on this page that can help you win.
  • Make the Midi Pattern sound great. (The goal is to create music that demonstrates one of the Rap & Hip-Hop Midi Drum Library patterns. So make it sound great!)
  • Write in the style of the Competition. You can use the styles listed in the library details as a reference.
  • Use one of the patterns in the Rap & Hip-Hop Midi Drum Library instead of one of the demos. A lot of people are going to submit compositions that use the demos so, set yourself apart, and use one of the patterns from the library.
  • If you use a full-kit pattern (or combine multiple single-instrument patterns) instead of using only one single-instrument pattern.


Do I have to purchase something to enter?

No. If you don't have the Rap & Hip-Hop Midi Drum Library, that's okay, just use the free demos located HERE.

Do I get to keep my copyrights?

Yes, you keep your copyrights. You're just giving my company (Prosonic Studios) a non-exclusive royalty-free license to use your audio file as a demonstration of how my patterns might be used. I'm a working musician too and I respect you and your copyrights!

Can I record guitar or sing on the track?

Of course! I encourage you to record any instrument you want, including vocals.

Can my composition have more than 16 bars?

Yes, you can submit a composition that is longer than 16 bars but it MUST use Prosonic Patterns from the Rap & Hip-Hop Midi Drum Library for the entire duration.

Can I upload my composition with a higher resolution like 24bit 98k?

No, only 16bit 44kHz files are allowed at this time.

Can I use more than one Prosonic Pattern in the composition?

Yes, you can use more than one but they MUST all be from the Rap & Hip-Hop Midi Drum Library AND you'll need to submit the directory/filename for each pattern used, so be sure to write them down!

You say that we can "Change the note velocities." but then further down you say that we cannot "Remove any notes from the original Midi Pattern(s)." Does this mean I can't change velocities down to zero?

Yes. All of the notes in the original Midi Pattern(s) must be audible. If you lower the velocity to the point where I can't hear the notes then I will have to take a few points off your score during the voting process.

Can I change a note's instrument? Like from a hi-hat to a cymbal or toms to a synth?

Yes. But remember, these tracks will be used to demonstrate 'drum patterns'. (Despite the fact that you can run these patterns through any instrument.) Just keep in mind that these are 'drum patterns', so don't make the entire pattern a string quartet! So yes, you can change them, just make sure that the pattern basically functions as a 'drum track' in your music.

Can I use bits of the original midi pattern (without removing anything)?

The bottom-line is this: These tracks are to showcase (demo) the patterns in the library. Constructing a new pattern from bits of those patterns, even though it's a perfectly legitimate way of using them, is defeating the purpose (of this contest). BUT! I want you to be creative! So here's the deal: You may chop down to one measure - any smaller 'bit' than that is too much.

Can I put a 'watermark' or advertisement on the track?

No. Even though your track will be showcasing your talent, it's not an advertisement. A link to your page (along with your artist name) will be placed next to each demo track. If that's not enough then please don't enter the competition, as your track will be disqualified.

Where will the Competition be held?

The World Wide Web on Planet Earth.

Have a question? Send me a message here or chat with me on the "Chat With Us" box below.

Ready to Enter the Competition?

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