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Free Latin & Salsa Drum Beats for Download!

#InstrumentFeelMeterMIDI File DownloadMp3 Demos
1FullKitStraight12-8Free Drum LoopMp3 Demo
2FullKitStraight12-8Free Drum LoopMp3 Demo
3FullKitStraight2-4Free Drum LoopMp3 Demo
4FullKitStraight3-4Free Drum LoopMp3 Demo
5FullKitStraight3-4Free Drum LoopMp3 Demo
6FullKitHard Swing4-4Free Drum LoopMp3 Demo
7FullKitMedium Swing4-4Free Drum LoopMp3 Demo
8FullKitStraight4-4Free Drum LoopMp3 Demo
9FullKitStraight4-4Free Drum LoopMp3 Demo
10FullKitStraight4-4Free Drum LoopMp3 Demo
11FullKitStraight4-4Free Drum LoopMp3 Demo
12FullKitStraight4-4Free Drum LoopMp3 Demo
13FullKitStraight6-8Free Drum LoopMp3 Demo
14FullKitStraight6-8Free Drum LoopMp3 Demo
15FullKitStraight9-8Free Drum LoopMp3 Demo
16HiHatsStraight12-8Free Drum Loop----
17ShakerStraight12-8Free Drum Loop----
18TimbaleStraight12-8Free Drum Loop----
19KicksStraight2-4Free Drum Loop----
20GuiroStraight3-4Free Drum Loop----
21SnaresMedium Swing4-4Free Drum Loop----
22AgogoStraight4-4Free Drum Loop----
23BongosStraight4-4Free Drum Loop----
24ClavesStraight4-4Free Drum Loop----
25TambourineStraight4-4Free Drum Loop----
26CongasStraight6-8Free Drum Loop----
27RidesStraight6-8Free Drum Loop----
28TomsStraight6-8Free Drum Loop----
29WoodBlocksStraight6-8Free Drum Loop----
30CabasaStraight9-8Free Drum Loop----
31CowbellStraight9-8Free Drum Loop----
32MaracasStraight9-8Free Drum Loop----
33TrianglesStraight9-8Free Drum Loop----

The piano sound in the mp3 files is not included in the midi file. It is only played in the mp3 demo to show where the bar stops are.

There are over 59,700 four-bar Latin & Salsa drum loops in this library and they all sound as good as, or better than, the demos.

Latin & Salsa Midi Drum Library

If you like the demos, why not get the whole library?
That's over 59,700 loops for one low price!

MIDI Phrase Series - Latin & Salsa STYLE MIDI Phrase Series - Latin & Salsa STYLE Reflection
Contains 4-bar Loops:
50,986 Full Kit Loops
64 Stick Loops648 Kick Loops
386 Clap Loops566 Tom Loops
571 HiHat Loops845 Snare Loops
386 Side-Stick492 Bongo Loops
586 Conga Loops463 Cabasa Loops
403 Maraca Loops307 Guiro Loops
339 Clave Loops15 Cuica Loops
454 Shaker Loops559 Ride Loops
420 Tambourine434 Cowbell Loops
331 Triangle Loops283 Wood-Block
422 Timbale Loops211 Agogo Loops
"5 out of 5" based on 15 user ratings
Shipped on DVD
Shipped on DVD DISC:
Instant Download
Immediate Download:
(Price includes Prosonic's Midi Browser for FREE!)
This is a VERY SPECIAL limited-time offer on downloads.
You get over 59,700 LATIN & SALSA patterns for only $29.95!
Sale price ends at midnight 6/22/2017.

Hi I'm Tony.

I'm the owner of Prosonic Studios and the creator of Prosonic Patterns.

Thousands of people from all over the world are using Prosonic Patterns and they're telling me they have:

  • Higher Inspiration
  • Improved Productivity
  • Increased Understanding
  • Expanded Expression
  • And a lifetime of unique accompanyment for improv and practice sessions.

And hey, I get it. They've done that for me too...and a lot more!

We love Prosonic Patterns and I know you'll love them too. That's why I'm giving you this risk free guarantee:

If you aren't 100% satisfied with your order contact me within 90 days and I'll give you a full refund.

If you aren't 100% satisfied with your order contact me within 90 days of your purchase and I'll give you a full refund.

And it gets even better:

All future versions are FREE for LIFE!

Everytime I release a new version I'll send you an email, letting you know it's ready for download in your account FREE!

There's a lot of information on this page to help make sure they're perfect for you, or if you just want to jump-right-in: go for it! The ordering process is fast and easy.

Okay, talk with you soon.

Tony Pappas

Midi File Organization / Folder Structure

1. ROOT:

The first folder is the ROOT folder. This folder contains all of the MIDI Phrases. It is named "Prosonic Phrases 3.0" and is selected (highlighted blue).

Drum Loop Root


The ROOT folder contains the STYLE folders. The Blues & Rock-n-Roll folder is selected.

Drum Loop Style


Each STYLE folder contains the TIME SIGNATURE & FEEL folders. In the Common Time Signatures library there are 6 time signatures: 2/4, 3/4, 4/4, 6/8, 9/8, and 12/8. In the Complex Time Signatures library there are 7 time signatures: 5/4, 6/4, 7/4, 5/8, 7/8, 10/8, and 11/8. There are 6 possible feelings: [Normal Straight], [Normal Medium-Swing], [Normal Hard-Swing], [Double-Time Medium-Swing], [Double-Time Hard-Swing].

Drum Loop Time Signature Feel


Inside the TIME SIGNATURE & FEEL folders are the THEME folders. The MIDI Phrases are grouped into "themes". Each THEME has a particular groove to it and there are lots of variations within each THEME.

Drum Pattern Theme


Inside the THEME folders are the SYNCOPATION folder and the midi files. The SYNCOPATION folder contains all the theme phrases in a heavily syncopated format. The syncopation folder is only in 4/4 and if you're looking for something a little different check here. [I personally find this folder to be the most interesting... it's amazing how many lyrical sequences can come out of asymmetrical patterns.]

Drum Pattern Syncopation


Inside each THEME folder are the actual midi files. The first number in the file name is the variation group. In this case there are 8 variations in variation group zero "0". The second number is the number of notes in the file. So the selected file has 46 notes in it. Next come the names of the instruments contained inside the pattern. So the selected pattern has KICKS and HI-HATS playing in it. The last number is just a unique index and has no significance.

Drum Pattern Midi Files


As you go down the list the patterns continue to "build up". There are more instruments added (and therefore more notes) so the textures get thicker. I've scrolled down a little here, notice the file I have selected, it has 99 notes played by 8 instruments: Kick, Ride, Toms, Snare, Hand Claps, Congas, Side-Stick, and Bongos.

Drum Pattern Midi Files Cont


Inside the ROOT folder is the Singles folder. (It has a "z_" in front to make it go to the bottom of the list.) The Singles older contains all the single instrument patterns. Notice, in this example I've selected the 6th Hi-Hats file. The first number in the file is the note count. The last number is a unique index.

Drum Instruments


Here are the abbreviations for each instrument. They're simple, but I'm putting them here in case you're interested.

Sticks=STIX | Kicks=KICK | Clap=CLAP
Toms=TOM | HiHats=HAT | Snares=SNAR
SideStick=SSTK | Bongos=BONG | Congas=CONG
Cabasa=CABA | Maracas=MARA | Guiro=GIRO
Claves=CLAV | Cuica=CICA | Castanets=CAST
Shaker=SHAK | Rides=RIDE | Cymbals=CYMB
Tambourine=TAMB | Cowbell=COWB | Triangles=TRIA
WoodBlocks=WOOD | Timbale=TIMB | Agogo=AGOG

Drum Instruments File Name

MIDI File & Drum Pattern FAQ

Is the download version different than the shipped vesrion?

No, they are exactly the same. The download version contains exactly the same files as the DVD except you can start using them now!

What is a MIDI File?

The word "MIDI" is used to describe a few different things. A "MIDI file" can be thought of as "Sheet Music in Digital". (Sheet music that computers can read and play.)

Why use Prosonic Patterns instead of audio loops?

MIDI is a superior method of music composition for a number of reasons.

If you've ever used audio loops to write music you know how frustrating it can be to get them to fit just right in your song. You might find a great drum loop but how can you develop it while keeping the same drum sounds? You can only make variations on the timbre of the sound itself and that's it.

With Prosonic Patterns you have total control over every aspect of each note. Need to bring the hi-hats up in the mix? Easy! Need to change that note and make it sweeter? Just move it where you want it! Don't like a note... delete it!

You can also use a Prosonic Pattern on any instrument. So you can use a drum Phrase on any instrument (flute or violin for example) and come up with very unique and creative musical ideas!

You can even change the tempo of a Prosonic Pattern and the sound of the drums will be exactly as you sampled it.

What software can I use Prosonic Patterns in?

Every Prosonic Pattern is mapped to the General MIDI Standard and is compatible with, and can be loaded into, any General MIDI compatible software or hardware device (ie: your favorite sequencer).

Loading them into Propellerhead's Reason™ and Twelve Tone's Sonar™ has been especially rewarding. They are perfect for Cakewalk Project5, Battery 3, Cubase, Garageband, Pro Tools, Motif ES, Fruity Loops, EZdrummer, DFH, Sony's ACID® Pro, Ableton Live, and many more!

Get both Libraries together and Save!
(get the complex time signatures for half price!)
Latin & Salsa Simple Time Signatures plus sign Latin & Salsa Complex Time Signatures
Get both for Only:   $44.93!

Customer Reviews

Thanks guys, very good job...
By on Tuesday, June 13, 2017 | Verified Purchase
Cem Engin
─░stanbul, Turkey

I am usually not the kind of guy that likes everything without finding something wrong or scanty about it...

Well there is nothing scanty here. What not to like? Really well organised, bunch of variety of well crafted midi patterns. When I get prepped midi drum patterns or loops, I almost always feel like changing the patterns and accents. Or add stuff. Because usually they come either to square or dry or repetitive or all of the above...

But to my surprise these midi patterns required very little adjustment. The need to tweak which rises up after an improve session, usually either with a Keyboard or a Bass, played over a pattern. Because you will want to arrange a new traffic accordingly. Since the drummer can't hear me, I have to do the listening for him.

The inspiration comes from small details and nuances for me. And then a good sound. But playing with a good drummer is a must. When you feel that good drum beating, it just pumps you up and elevates your playing like nobody's business..

So I felt like I had to write something about this trip...

I haven't tried everything but I certainly feel drown to indulge myself with more of the good stuff here...

Thanks guys, very good job...


These files give me the freedom to create
By on Thursday, June 8, 2017 | Verified Purchase
Charles Balogh
Gold Canyon, AZ

I have used ready-made midi drum libraries from Prosonic for backing tracks and recordings and have never been disappointed with the results. I can tailor the midi files for any of my sample libraries and because they are midi, I can customize them to suit any project. It takes a lot of tedium out of my workflow, drastically cutting down production time, (and money).

Not being a drummer, these files give me the freedom to create musical projects that would have been impossible for me before now.

Many thanks! Charlie Balogh

They just sound good and the way they are organized...
By on Wednesday, May 31, 2017 | Verified Purchase
Patrick Olier

I was used to create my own midi drum patterns for years, spending a lot of time to ultimately achieve rather poor ones, lacking of true feeling and live taste. Then I started to look at ready made ones in the marketplace and found the Prosonic libraries. Great ! They just sound good and the way they are organized make them very easy easy to use. I am now saving a lot of time and quickly achieve the kind of result I am looking for.

I highly recommend getting your beats from Prosonic
By on Wednesday, May 31, 2017 | Verified Purchase
Jerry Rio
New York, NY

I got a lotta drums for the money from Tony. The patterns were very diverse and excellent for a songwriter like myself who likes to always start every song using the best beat I can find.

Unlike other bundles of midi grooves the prosonic packets contain many many more variations of basic beats and even some that are not so basic. As a foundation for any good song you can find, if not exactly what you are looking for, you will find something very close.

After asking Tony what would be the best collection for my style he suggested the "PoP and Soft Rock" really fit the bill. The files also integrated seamlessly with EZ drummer2 making the whole process very smooth.

I highly recommend getting your beats from Prosonic instead of the bigger companies that charge more and offer less.

I can spend more time creating sounds...
By on Friday, May 26, 2017 | Verified Purchase
Stephen Tomporowski
Meriden, CT

Prosonic patterns always make it into my music. There's a great variety of sequences for rhythm and chords and also split single instrument midis. This makes the creation of polyrhythms easy as layering midi tracks and I'm not stuck with someone else's idea of a bass hit. Then you can take prosonic drum tracks and run them through a synth for more exotic sounds. I can spend more time creating the sounds rather than fighting with the timing. The variety of Prosonic patterns are just what I need.

The stylistic variety is unique and execution is superb...
By on Sunday, May 21, 2017 | Verified Purchase
Michael Klubertanz
Mauer, Germany

The Prosonic MIDI drum patterns are a wonderful way to break the bonds of your favourite drum plugin. They can be easily fed into sequencers and plugins alike, offering longer takes than most drumsaplers have on board.

The stylistic variety is unique and the compability and execution (technically as well as musically) are superb. If you are not a drummer yourself, this is the next best you can come to it. A useful addition to every media composer's palette which will speed up your workflow when creating drum tracks.

Michael Klubertanz

Song builders & groove tools of the highest order.
By on Tuesday, April 25, 2017 | Verified Purchase
Alistair MacIsaac
South Ayrshire, GB

As a long time Studio Producer, and "time served" Sound Engineer, I feel well qualified to advise you not to walk by Prosonics Products. The quality & also the VARIETY of their patterns stand tallest among ANY other available on the market.

Not mere Drum loops, but song builders & groove tools of the highest order. ALL patterns come split, enabling you to utilise these Midi patterns with far more control than any other. Everything tidily tagged...ooh...& the Free midi browser is a GODSEND!

They are great for instant production of music.
By on Friday, April 21, 2017 | Verified Purchase
Philip Bull
Staffs, GB

I use the patterns for techno music. I find that they are great for instant production of music which I then adapt within my DAW. Drag and drop straight in, EASY! The midi files I use are for all aspects from kicks, baselines, hi-hats and percussion loops.

The swing elements give a great variation on your basic 4/4 groove and the amount of creation I feel is limitless. This is the only midi collection that I own and use. I don't feel that I need another.

The dynamics and groove of the midi files are spot on
By on Wednesday, April 19, 2017 | Verified Purchase
Willem thielemans
Selecteer Uw Staat, BE

I got myself a copy of the Techno & House Midi Drum Library and I definitely got great value for my money. The library is packed with high quality loops and provides me with instant inspiration to start a new track or to add a little spice to an existing one.

The dynamics and groove of the midi files are spot on and give your drums a human feel, something that is very important to me. I'm very happy I discovered the world of Prosonic Studios, keep up the good work Tony Pappas!

Tremendous value, they're excellent patterns...
By on Tuesday, March 21, 2017 | Verified Purchase
Gregory Besaw
Enterprise, AL

Tremendous value, they're excellent patterns and priced very fairly for the number and quality in each package. The MIDI files are well catalogued and organized, with a natural feel and good dynamics.

I've used these in Toontrack's EZDrummer 2 and in Superior Drummer 2.0, integrating them with other samples. The mapping works well in General MIDI compatible drummer settings, and I haven't experienced any problems with other software.

I really enjoyed the variety and realism of the Latin & Salsa patterns, which are difficult to get a good feel with. Plenty of dynamics in the Heavy Metal & Punk patterns also.

As a songwriter they do just what I need them to.
By on Wednesday, March 8, 2017 | Verified Purchase
Jonathan shelton
Morrisville, NC

The midi selections are great!

As a songwriter they do just what I need them to do and perform outstandingly across a myriad of platforms.

These are great files! I am sorry I waited so long to find them but happy I have them!

I have used them to create patterns, intro, chorus, verses, and everything else in between.

Trust me you will not be disappointed.

Exceptionally well crafted libraries that give you...
By on Wednesday, March 8, 2017 | Verified Purchase
Anders Hurtig
T├Âreboda, SE

These are exceptionally well crafted libraries that give you great value for your money. It gave me inspiration that I needed. I hope that you too dig in your treasury to get your hands on Tony Pappas excellent work.

My biggest thumbs up is the ability to make each and every file your own. It is quite customizable. It is great when your production needs a little push or if you want a quick drag and drop possibility to get your track started.

This pack really delivers quality.

The beats have a great feel and there is a tremendous...
By on Tuesday, February 28, 2017 | Verified Purchase
Glenn Hughes
San Jose, CA

I have found it very difficult to find great latin rhythms for a song I'm working on. After weeks of searching various libraries and listening to a lot of loops, I took a chance on the Prosonic "Latin and Salsa" loops library. I'm happy to say that it far exceeded my expectations.

The beats have a great feel and there is a tremendous selection to choose from.

The two biggest challenges this library has presented is a) getting the time to go through all the great loops (a great problem to have) and b) staying focused on my original song when it's so easy to be distracted by the new rhythms into writing more new songs! (another great problem to have).

Thanks Tony!

Great folder structure - easy to find what you searching for
By on Saturday, February 18, 2017 | Verified Purchase
Josef sticker
Klagenfurt, Austria

- this are great and big grooves and they are really 'groooving'!!! - best MIDI grooves i ever had in my library !!! -superb for production - big grooves to combine with any sounds of my choise/library) !!! -great folder structure -easy to find what you searching for with lots of variations, so its easy to combine for a 'live' feeling... - it's MIDI - easy for editing or for making new combos to get 'new' grooves/variations - love it !!!

The creative inspiration alone made the purchase worth it.
By on Monday, February 13, 2017 | Verified Purchase
Brock Miller
Denton, TX

Heres the thing i loved about the bundle of drum patterns i purchased. They helped me compose things i didnt know i had in me. The creative inspiration alone made the purchase worth it and then some!

Expirimenting with time signatures unfamiliar to me has helped me grow as a musician, and these bundles have so many feels to choose from.

Im glad i acted on the impulse. I got so much more pleasure messing with my DAW because of my purchase. I recommend these bundles to anybody needing help getting out of a creative rut.

"I use these midi drum beats every time I practice. I even used a few on my new album Intergalactic Highway."

Prosonic's Midi Browser

Prosonic Studios has released a new tool that will help you, browse, audition, and play midi files! Prosonic's MIDI Browser is a free midi player that lets you loop, change tempo, and transpose Prosonic midi files as you quickly audition them!


Prosonic's MIDI Browser is included free with any midi patterns library purchased!
(Only the PC version for use with Prosonic midi files is available at this time.)


Audition MIDI Patterns Quickly & Easily

Selecting a MIDI pattern in the pattern browser will automattically load that pattern into the player. (Use the spacebar to start/stop the player and use the mouse, or arrow keys, to change patterns.)

Audition MIDI Patterns

Loop, Change Tempo, & Transpose

You can loop, change the tempo, and transpose the midi file while auditioning it!

Loop, Change Tempo, and Transpose MIDI Patterns

Quickly Save Files To Favorites

You can quickly save a file to your own custom favorites folder so that you can get to them quickly during a writing or jam session!

Quickly Save MIDI Files To Favorites

Easy Navigation to Custom Quick-Folders

You can quickly navigate to any folder on your system by using the Quick-Folder Slots!

Easy Navigation to Custom Quick-Folders

Easy Settings Menu

In the settings menu you can change to any MIDI output port and setup your favorite and quick-folder directories. If you need more MIDI ports check out LoopBe. LoopBe1 works great and it's FREE!

Easy Navigation to Custom Quick-Folders
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